Thursday, October 8, 2009


I know to some of you that have remodeled a kitchen, going without one of your appliances probably wasn't such a big deal. Kudos to you. But to me, being without my cooktop for almost 9 weeks was to much. I craved good old spaghetti. And the kids wanted cheesy ramen. We didn't even remodel our kitchen. We had a short in the cooktop that kept blowing the main breaker so we had it disconnected until we could get it fixed or replaced. After 4 weeks of looking for a replacement, we figured a replacement for it was over $1,000. Not in the budget this year. So while it was not working we thought let's just fix that crack in the island countertop also. That part only took two weeks. Three from the first to call to the install. Then a week plus to get the cooktop back in and working. Lots of missed spaghetti. This was Tuesday. Yumm.

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